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Sustainable Shipping Webinars

We are pleased to invite you to a webinar series where sustainable shipping is on the agenda.

We present topics concerning sustainability and shipping, regulatory developments in EU and IMO, ESG reporting, sustainable finance and the energy transition phase all shipping companies are currently facing.

Shipping for the future (1:30 min)

Financing the Energy Transition (2:20 min)

DNB has committed to become a net zero bank in 2050, and we want to allocate capital to the energy transition. We are facing these challenges together and we need to start acting now to make the shipping a more sustainable industry.

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DNB and Sustainability

On DNB's own sustainability strategy and our expectations to the industry. What are the challenges?

1. December 09.30-11.00 - Program:

  • DNB as a Transition Bank
    Kjerstin Braathen, DNB
  • Introduction to ESG and DNB's sustainable strategy
    Gine Wang-Reese, DNB
  • The shipping industry in transition
    Harald Solberg, Norwegian Shipowners Association
  • The DNB view on sustainable shiping
    Christos Tsakonas and Knut Ola Skotvedt, DNB Ocean Industries
  • "Financing 2-degree shipping" - Financial risk of future regulation
    Jørgen Lian, DNB Markets

See webinar: Introduction and DNB's view

Regulatory developments in EU and IMO

What is happening in the EU and in IMO, and how should owners position themselves?

8. December 09.00-11.00 - Program:

  • What is happening in EU and how does it impact banks and businesses?
    Anne Margrethe Platou and Knut Ola Skotvedt, DNB
  • Relevant regulatory developments in shipping - EU and IMO
    Tore Longva, DNV
  • Panel discussion on regulatory developments
    Tore Longva and Eirik Nyhus, DNV
    Sveinung Oftedal, Ministry of Climate and Environment
    Knut Ola Skotvedt, DNB

See webinar: Key regulatory developments in EU and IMO

ESG Reporting

What is material to focus on in the shipping industry and why should we report?

15. December 09.30-11.00 - Program:

  • Importance of reporting and materiality analysis
    Lars Jacob Pedersen and Sveinung Jørgensen, Professors at NHH
  • ESG reporting in the shipping and offshore industries - Updated guidelines from NSA
    Karoline Bøhler, Norwegian Shipowners Association
  • Sustainable strategy and sustainability reporting
    Liv Hege Dyrnes, Klaveness Combination Carriers ASA
  • Reporting standards and practices
    Kristian Andersen, The Governance group
  • Reflections from DNB on ESG reporting
    Knut Ola Skotvedt, DNB Ocean Industries

See webinar: How to ensure good ESG reporting

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Sustainable Finance

How to finance the transition to cleaner shipping?

12. January 09.30-11.00 - Program:

  • Developments in sustainable finance for the maritime industries
    Magnus Piene, DNB Markets
  • Transition finance in shipping
    Marthe L Sandvik and Knut Ola Skotvedt, DNB Ocean Industries
  • Closing remarks and discussion

See webinar: Sustainable finance

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