DNB first to revolutionise international identification

DNB will be one of the first banks in the world that makes it possible to identify clients with just a mobile phone and a passport.

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Publisert 07. mar. 2018
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The Large Corporate area in DNB is the first to release a service with this technology, but development is already planned for Personal Banking as well. The technology is provided by the DNB subsidiary DNB ID Solutions AS that also distributes the technology as an SDK (Software Development Kit) outside of DNB.

“We are really looking forward to this first release, and hopefully we are in the starting phase of revolutionising how we can identify people across the world,” says Ørjan Bagn (picktured), head of Channels in Large Corporates and International (LCI) in DNB.

All banks need to identify their customers. This is especially important in connection with the anti-money laundering regulations. One of the big challenges related to identification is the user experience. For many customers the bank’s requirements related to identification and verification is an issue, especially when the customer is a multi-national corporation, with employees across the world.

Several countries have their own national identification schemes. In Norway we have BankID and in Denmark they use NemID, to mention a couple of examples. Isolated, these services work well, but they cannot be used across national borders.
“So far, the only international identification we have is our passport,” says Ørjan Bagn, head of Channels in LCI. “I’m therefore pleased to announce that in just a few weeks’ time, the first version of our digital passport identification will be ready,” says Ørjan.

Øystein Østby, who is project manager for the solution, explains that the technology it uses is highly advanced, but when it comes to the user experience, it is really simple.
“We combine technology in the phone and data stored in the biometrical passport, with our own systems. An important focus of the project is the customer experience and to resolve challenges related to international identification. You can see how the solution will work in this video”:

The first release will not be an app that all our customers can download themselves. With this first version, DNB wants to work together with the customers, in order to really understand how the solution is received.
“We have done a lot of research in the project, but real-life experience will be important to us. We need to know more about the user experience – will people feel comfortable scanning their passport and face with an app? We have tested the solution with Scandinavian biometrical passports, and will now include more countries,” says Bagn.

If you have questions regarding DNBs new solution, please contact Ørjan Bagn, email: orjan.bagn@dnb.no

Are you interested in the technology as a SDK, please contact Knut Arne Røer, email: knutarne.roer@dnb.no