Illustration Riga, Latvia

In October 2012, DNB Bank established a new Service Centre in Latvia, with the aim of providing a high level of service to the bank’s customers in Norway.

The Service Centre is DNB’s only operative unit in the Baltic States, as it was not involved in the merger with Nordea. The establishment of the centre is the result of a project launched by the parent bank at the beginning of 2012.

When evaluating the location for the project, DNB Bank considered various factors such as practical banking operations, the relevant country’s macroeconomic situation, political stability, language skills, security aspects, and accessibility. Following this review, Latvia was selected as the location for the new Service Centre.

The Service Centre started out with 52 employees in 2012. Today, there are several hundred employees within different areas: payments, credits, accounts and special loans, and the unit is rapidly growing. Almost all employees have B2 level Norwegian skills, which makes it is easy to communicate with Norwegians and provide the required level of service.

The Service Centre has a young and innovative working environment that focuses not only on daily tasks, but also on continuous improvement, promoting an assertive culture, and helping others make processes more efficient. The LEAN philosophy helps the employees focus on customer needs by asking themselves: if I were a customer here, what would I like to improve? Answering this question, DNB Service Centre insures continuous improvement in all areas.


Skanstes Street 12
Riga, LV-1013, Latvia

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