Investor Relations policy

DNB wishes to maintain an open dialogue with shareholders and otherstock market participants.

Reporting to the market and contact with shareholders, investors and analysts outside general meetings are based on the following principles:

  • All price-sensitive information must be provided simultaneously to all market participants. This implies that statements to the stock exchange and press releases will be distributed through Oslo Børs and to external recipients through external channels, as well as published on the Group's home pages.
  • All statements to the stock exchange will be distributed in both English and Norwegian, as will all press releases. All information on that could be of international interest will also be presented in English.
  • All presentations, i.e. regarding interim results, capital markets days or seminars, will be held in English either on the same day or immediately thereafter. English presentations should also be available through conference calls/webcasts to ensure a broader audience. All roadshow presentations will be published on the Group's home pages.
  • Presentations used in meetings with individual investors must not be different from those previously presented on the Group's home pages. Nor should individual investors be given verbal information that is not shared with the overall market.
  • Meetings with investors and analysts should as far as possible be avoided during the last month prior to the release of financial information. If such meetings nevertheless are held, special care should be shown with respect to the information provided.