We help our customers manage their own finances

With more than two million personal customers in Norway, DNB has a special responsibility to ensure that as many people as possible are able to make sound financial decisions. Research shows that poor financial habits are passed down from one generation to the next, and we regard it as part of our corporate responsibility to help as many people as possible develop good financial habits.
People who are financially literate are also able to make good financial choices. This is beneficial for society, for our customers and for DNB.

We have a broad scope of work to help our customers manage their own finances. Here are our ambitions:  

  • Children and young people will learn about personal finances by carrying out the learning programme A Valuable Lesson 2.0 once a year. This is a programme developed in collaboration with the Norwegian Red Cross, which teaches children about personal finances, enabling them to make sound financial choices, irrespective of background
  • 75 per cent of DNB’s customers turning 18 years of age will be given an introduction to the principles of personal finances. 'Skikk og bank' is the title of a book for those who have just left home, which contains tips and advice especially related to personal finances (in Norwegian only). It is intended to provide young people with a good foundation for developing sound financial habits, thereby preventing them from getting into financial problems. 
  • DNB helps Norwegians save smart.

More information on savings and investments

  • Knowledge sharing: Our macro analysts, portfolio managers and other subject matter experts actively contribute to competence building through various media. DNB organises a wide range of market-relevant seminars and conferences that serve as valuable meeting places and knowledge venues for private individuals, the business community and the public sector.

  • Shares and share savings account: On our analysis web pages, we offer a wide selection of market analyses within economics and securities markets, as well as webcasts produced by DNB Markets (in Norwegian only). We have also conducted a large number of training activities related to the share savings account scheme and taxes related to this.

  • The savings app Spare: As more of our customers have started saving money in both shares and mutual funds, the savings app Spare has also gained momentum. The savings app contains a quick and easy solution for checking the status of your cash balance, shares and mutual funds, as well as for establishing savings agreements and purchasing shares and bonds.