International services


Does your company have employees stationed in other countries? We cooperate with some of the world's leading insurance networks on cost-effective pension and insurance schemes.

We offer:

  • Multi-national pooling - a method for managing risk and saving costs associated with pension schemes for employees
  • Mitigation of contact between the company and the pension- and insurance provider in countries where the company has operations
  • Captive reassurance - the company establishes a self-owned insurance company with the purpose of covering the risk to which it is exposed
  • Advice

Advantages for your company:

  • Streamlined internationalisation process
  • Cost-effectiveness


Our international services are suitable for:

  • Companies in Norway which are subsidiaries of foreign companies
  • Norwegian companies with  subsidiaries in other countries
  • Norwegian companies planning to establish subsidiaries in other countries

Our alliance partners:

Allianz Employee Benefits Network, Generali Employee Benefits Network, Swiss Life Network