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DNB Start-up Pilot

From dream and idea to launch and growth, get in touch with our advisers here for help.

Start-up pilot, standing up, looking into the camera

Start-up Pilot from idea to business

Do you want some help to succeed in your business? The start-up phase for DNB is to help you with the set-up, company structure, business model, financing, networking and marketing.

Book a meeting and we will contact you shortly, normally within a few working days.

“Especially positive about the support we received in the early stages under the start-up pilot scheme. Irene was a particularly positive acquaintance.”

- Entrepreneur who got help from DNB’s Start-up pilot

Our advisers:

  • Irene

    Start-up Pilot since May 2021

    Start-up Pilot Irene

    28 years’ experience as an entrepreneur, mainly within Retail and property.

    I have always had my businesses in limited companies.

    Training in marketing, management, finance and entrepreneurship.

  • Sigrid

    Start-up Pilot since May 2020

    Start-up Pilot

    Ran a sole proprietorship and a limited company, 9 years’ experience as an entrepreneur.

    Mainly in Retail (jewellery and clothing). I have also worked for an investor for a few years.

    Bachelor of finance and management.

  • Kristin

    Start-up Pilot since 2019

    Start-up Pilot Kristin

    Long and broad experience within finance and the corporate market in DNB as a consultant and manager.

    Bachelor of Science in Finance and Management and part of a Masters in Innovation and Strategy.

  • Elena

    Start-up Pilot since May 2022

    Start-up Pilot Elena

    Trained in economics, management and sustainability with a specialism in understanding sustainability in the construction goods industry.

    8 years’ experience in retail

  • Olle

    Start-up Pilot since 2018

    Start-up Pilot Olle

    Started several companies, including an image sharing app and music management.

    Trained in finance and entrepreneurship.

Useful videos with tips:

Holding company

What you need to know about Holding companies (1:26, only in norwegian)


How can you finance your startup? (19:28, only in norwegian)

Different types of companies

Which type of company is suitable for you? (16:55, only in norwegian)

Financial management

Simple introduction to financial management for your business (27:31, only in norwegian)

App from A to Z

What do you need to consider when creating an app? (16:22, only in norwegian)

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DNB News · 5 min reading time
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