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DNB Accounting for clubs and associations

Get tailored accounting services for teams and associations with DNB Accounting. We are here to support you in your everyday life and help ensure financial security for your organisation.

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  • Only NOK 179 per month

  • Option for two approvals

  • Free chat with an accountant

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Only applies to clubs and associations

Accounting program for everyone

Having an overview of the finances of a club or an association is important, but it can seem a little scary if you are not familiar with accounting. In DNB Accounting, we have created a separate package at an attractive price. Here you get your own help pages with explanations and videos to get you started. You can chat free of charge with an accountant when you get stuck.

We also work with many accountants who are experts in accounting for clubs and associations.

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Customised for clubs and associations

NOK 179 per month*

*Price excluding VAT

DNB Accounting for clubs and associations

Corresponds to the Pluss package, but with separate prices. Suitable for all clubs and associations and simplifies the job for you as a treasurer.

  • Adapt accounts/account plans to clubs and associations
  • Collect membership fees in a smart way
  • Do the accounts for different departments, branches or subgroups
  • Imports from member registers
  • Extra users and double approval

Tip! We see that several layers and associations choose the Mini package, compare below to see which package suits you best.

Clubs and associations

NOK 179/month excluding VAT

Suitable for companies, clubs and associations with more and more complex needs and transactions than Mini. Suitable for 0-10 employees.

  • Try for free for 3 months

Mini - the simplest package

129 NOK/month excluding VAT

Suitable for smaller companies, clubs and associations. Mini is perfect for anyone who likes to be self-service and has few annual transactions. Suitable for 0-1 employee.

Compare the most relevant packages

Clubs and associationsMini

Invoicing and accounts

NOK 179/month

NOK 129/month





NOK 49/month

Not available

Invoicing with KID (Customer ID)*



Bank integration



Total number of vouchers


150 per year**

Option for two approvals

Not available

*Invoicing with KID number (customer ID) in DNB Accounting requires the additional agreement DNB Innbetaling pluss (Cremul) in the corporate account.

**A total of 150 vouchers are included per year, then NOK 25 per voucher. Over 150 annexes will make it worthwhile to switch to the Lag og foreningen-package.

***Transaction costs included

All prices excl. VAT

Suitable solutions for collecting subscriptions/membership fees


A turnkey supplier to associations and sports teams.
Among other things, the platform offers communication and member administration.

KlubbAdmin (Club Admin)

The sport solution for member administration for sports teams, company sports teams, groups and sports academies.



A complete solution for managing clubs and associations with a membership register, invoicing and integration with the accounts.

Spond Club

A free and complete member system that gives a full overview and total control of both large and small sports clubs, as well as organisations.

See also

Help pages

Accounting for clubs and associations is often different. That’s why we’ve created a dedicated help centre to help you get started.

Chart of accounts

The Norwegian Federation of Sport has its own account plan. You can download it here.

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