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DNB Nordic Healthcare Conference 2022
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Ketil Widerberg, CEO Oslo Cancer Cluster, the host of the DNB Healthcare Prize 2022

Photo: Stig Fiksdal

DNB NXT Healthcare Venture Session and DNB Healthcare Prize 2022

Healthcarekonferansen 2022

Lena Nymo Helli, CEO Norway Health Tech, the host of DNB NXT Healthcare Venture Session
Photo: Stig Fiksdal

DNB NXT Healthcare Venture Session at DNB Nordic Healthcare Conference 2022, organized by DNB together with Norway Health Tech and Oslo Cancer Cluster, is a unique opportunity to meet interested investors.

We are happy to announce that this year, the DNB Healthcare Prize, an award of NOK 1 million, again will be a part of the conference. The DNB NXT Healthcare Venture Session and the DNB Healthcare Prize will be one session.

About the session

11 companies are selected by a professional jury to present at the DNB NXT Healthcare Venture Session. They will all be awarded with having their logos displayed on Nasdaq’s boards on Times Square. The winner of the DNB Healthcare Prize 2022 will get an extended profiling on the Nasdaq boards.

DNB NXT Healthcare Venture Session

These companies will compete for the remaining slot in the DNB Healthcare Prize Final 2022.

The panel

The panel consists of professionals with a broad range of knowledge within all parts of the healthcare industry subsectors. Some members of the panel have personal experience from companies in the start-up/scale-up phase.

Thomas Andersson | Senior Adviser Oslo Cancer Cluster Incubator

Anne Worsøe | Head of Investor Relations Ultimovacs

Sergio Ferreira | Senior Innovation Advisor Norway Health Tech

DNB Healthcare Prize Final 2022

The fourth company will be chosen by the audience at the conference.

The panel and investor jury will be situated on stage beside the presenting companies and have the opportunity to ask the finalists questions to reveal the attractiveness of each company from the investor point of view.

The investor jury

The jury consists of professional healthcare industry investors:

Milla Koistinaho | Founding partner Innovestor Life Science

Aitana Peire | Investment Director, Canica Holding AG

Katherine Mellis | Venture Capital Investor Sandwater

Hans-Ivar Robinson | CEO and Founder of Birk Venture

Ted Fjällman | Partner, Flerie Invest.

The Jury

The Jury who has been carefully selected, and represents a broad range of knowledge within all parts of the healthcare industry subsectors.This means that companies will have equal opportunity to reach the final, whether their products/ideas are considered medtech, biotech, diagnostics, pharmaceuticals or e-health/digital health.

Some members of the jury also have personal experience from companies in the start-up/scale-up phase.

The jury consists of representatives from DNB, the healthcare clusters and  professional investors within the healthcare space.

The Jury members

The Jury selected the companies presenting at the DNB NXT Healthcare Venture Session & DNB Healthcare Prize 2022

Vidar Johnsen – SANDS (Chairman)

Thomas Andersson – Oslo Cancer Cluster

Sergio Ferreira – Norway Health Tech

Ann-Tove Kongsnes – Investinor 

Anne Worsøe - Ultimovacs

Sebastian Intveen - DNB Markets IBD

Speakers at DNB Nordic Healhcare Conference 2022

  • Lena Nymo Helli

    CEO Norway Health Tech

    Lena Nymo Helli

    Lena has more than 25 years’ experience from international pharmaceutical industry and been a venture partner at Hadean Venture and is currently chair of the board at Finnmarkssykehuset HF. 

  • Ketil Wiederberg

    CEO Oslo Cancer Cluster

    Ketil Widerberg

    General Manager of Oslo Cancer Cluster. He has broad operational experience ranging from explorative project management to business development in the life science and software industry.

  • Carsten Borring

    Head of Listings & Capital Markets Nasdaq

    Carsten Borring

    Associate Vice President Listings EMEA, NASDAQ. Carsten was born in 1968 and a member of the Danish national jury of Entrepreneur of the Year by EY and the jury of FSRs ESG award

  • Rasmus Figenschou

    Executive President DNB

    Rasmus Figenschoug

    Rasmus Figenschou is EVP of SME at DNB. His background in banking varies, both within and outside of Norway.

  • Trine Loe

    Executive President DNB

    Trine Loe

    Head of The Future & Tech Industries Division, which has global responsibility for Large Corporates within all land-based industries.

Healthcare Logoer av partnere 2022

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