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As one of the world’s leading shipping banks, we’ve been focused on sustainability for several years

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The environmentally-friendly form of transport

Ships transport almost 90% of the world’s trade and are by far the most environmentally-friendly form of transport of large quantities of products over long distances. This industry still represents about three per cent of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. The emissions must be cut and the IMO’s (International Maritime Organisation) target is to cut CO2 emissions by at least 50 per cent (from 2008) by 2050, and to preferably reach zero.

Sustainable shipping

As one of the world’s leading shipping banks, DNB has been working for many years on contributing to greater responsibility and sustainability in shipping.
We integrate climate considerations into our lending decisions and monitor the climate adaptation of the shipping portfolio by measuring and reporting CO2 emissions through Poseidon Principles. All new loan agreements include clauses on Responsible Ship Recycling Standards (RSRS), and we expect customers to develop good procedures for monitoring their responsibility.

DNB will prioritise customers who take a leading role in the energy transition and who actively work to reduce their CO2 emissions. We expect access to capital for these customers to become increasingly available due to stricter ESG requirements from investors and banks.

We offer

We have a local and global presence through our offices in Norway, New York, London, Singapore, Shanghai and Athens.

We offer business and investment services, and we are proud to say that many of the world’s leading maritime companies choose us at their financial partner.

Shipping for the future - Norwegian version

Duration 1:29 minutes

Shipping for the future

Duration 1:30 minutes

growing plants

Green loans

Green loans give your business financing to invest in sustainable solutions. A green loan offers better terms than an equivalent loan that’s not green.

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Do you have a business idea that could help close Havgapet (the Ocean Gap)?

Are you an entrepreneur or passionate about an idea in the maritime industries? We have the best people available to help you.

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