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Asset insurance

The company’s contents insurance covers damage to machines, products, equipment and other assets the company has.

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  • Covers assets in the event of fire, theft and natural damage

  • Covers products transported by vehicle

  • The insurance is tailored to the company’s need with ancillary benefits

What is asset insurance for businesses?

Asset insurance is also called possessions insurance. The insurance covers the company’s assets in the event of fire, theft and natural damage. The insurance is especially important for companies with many physical assets.

Did you know that…

If your company has an especially high number of products during certain periods, you can choose to insure the inventory for chosen seasons.

Product information

Asset insurance (PDF. Norwegian)

What does asset insurance cover?

FireStandardFully comprehensive


Natural damage

Water and pipe damage

Theft and damage

Robbery and assault

Transport accidents

Glass panes, plastic windows and signs

NOK 50 000

NOK 100 000

Building and additional furnishings

NOK 150 000

NOK 250 000

Glass in business premises

NOK 50 000

NOK 100 000

Money and securities in values

NOK 150 000*

NOK 150 000*

Reconstruction of data, photos, archives etc.

NOK 150 000*

NOK 150 000*

Demolition, clearing, storage and destruction

50% of sum insured (max. 3 million)*

50% of sum insured (max. 3 million)*

New acquisitions

20% of sum insured

20% of sum insured

Products under transportation

NOK 25 000

NOK 50 000

Products sold in instalments



Covers damage because goods have thawed in freezer/cold storage due to a systems failure or power outage.

Other accidental and sudden damage

*You can extend the sum insured

Asset insurance FAQ

Our non-life insurance products

Provider of the insurance

The insurance is provided by Fremtind Forsikring. In order to give you an offer, calculate the price and buy insurance, DNB will transfer your personal data to Fremtind. You can read more about how Fremtind processes personal data in Fremtind’s personal privacy statement.

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