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Industrial machinery insurance

Insurance for machines and tractors used in industry.

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  • Roadside assistance 24 hours a day

  • Covers machine damage on machines up to 10 years old

  • Covers newly purchased machines that haven’t been reported

What is industrial machinery insurance?

The insurance covers damage/injury that the insured tractor or machine causes to other vehicles, people and buildings. If you select Comprehensive, damage to the insured object in the event of a collision is also covered.

Fleet agreement

If you have a lot of industrial machinery with the same insurance requirements, it’s a good idea to group them under fleet insurance. Fleet insurance is easy to manage, and you get a predictable price for insurance for the whole fleet.

Product information

Industrial machinery insurance (PDF, Norwegian)

What does work industrial machinery cover?

LiabilityMini comprehensiveComprehensive


Driver and passenger accidents

Psychological first aid

Legal aid

Limited identification

Newly-purchased machines


Theft - also covers criminal damage related to theft

Broken glass

Roadside assistance

Installed additional equipment

Original spare tyres/hubcaps

Things inside the industrial machinery

Damage to own industrial machinery in the event of collision/overturning/coming off the road/vandalism

Liability for goods






Hook liability



Machine damage on machines up to 10 years old


*Ancillary benefits

Industrial machinery insurance FAQ

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Provider of the insurance

The insurance is provided by Fremtind Forsikring. In order to give you an offer, calculate the price and buy insurance, DNB will transfer your personal data to Fremtind. You can read more about how Fremtind processes personal data in Fremtind’s personal privacy statement.

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