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Insurance of commercial property

The insurance is tailored to buildings used for commercial purposes.

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  • Covers liability that the owner of the building may be subject to.

  • Covers loss of rent after damage, until new tenants are in place.

  • Fully comprehensive coverage covers government regulations up to NOK 10 million

What is commercial property insurance?

Commercial property insurance covers damage incidents such as fire, theft or natural damage. The insurance covers buildings with installed equipment that’s normal for the purpose of the building. This can be equipment such as kitchen fittings, pipes, heating appliances etc.

The insurance is suitable for large buildings such as offices and department stores, and smaller buildings such as club houses and business premises.

Product information

Commercial property insurance (PDF, Norwegian)

Commercial property insurance covers the following

FireStandardFully comprehensive


Natural damage

Occupational injury insurance that applies to unpaid labour

Theft and vandalism that’s caused by theft

Snow weight and roof landslides

Crushed/cracked building glass and damage to washbasins and toilets (sanitary porcelain)

Failure of the building's construction

Buildings with pipes and equipment

Selected sum insured

Selected sum insured

Tools, motor vehicles up to 750 kg and movable property that belongs to the building

NOK 300 000

NOK 750 000


NOK 500 000

NOK 1 million

Loss of rent

20% of the sum insured up to 36 months*

30% of the sum insured up to 36 months*

Demolition and clearing

NOK 3 million*

NOK 5 million*

Price increase



General liability insurance for homeowners

NOK 10 million

NOK 10 million

Government regulations

NOK 5 million*

NOK 10 million*

Satellite dishes, internet and underfloor heating



Value increase

15% of the sum insured in the agreement period

15% of the sum insured in the agreement period

Water damage to rooms adjacent to and below when bath/laundry room gets humid



Artistic decoration

NOK 250 000*

Machine damage


Gas, water and other liquid


*You can extend the sum insured

Commercial property insurance FAQ

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Provider of the insurance

The insurance is provided by Fremtind Forsikring. In order to give you an offer, calculate the price and buy insurance, DNB will transfer your personal data to Fremtind. You can read more about how Fremtind processes personal data in Fremtind’s personal privacy statement.

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