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Projects and contract works insurance

Useful insurance for builders and contractors to secure building and construction sites.

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  • Cover from project start until delivery to new owner

  • Financial security if something unexpected should happen in your project

  • Covers employees’ personal items that they use for their job

What is projects and contract works insurance?

Projects and contract works insurance covers sudden and unforeseen damage to the company’s project or projects. The business can insure a single project or sign an annual agreement which may be more beneficial. Materials and equipment, which are included in the project and are used at the insurance location, are covered under the policy.

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This is what projects and contract works insurance covers

  • Building and construction works
  • Demolition and clearing
  • Rehabilitation, renovation and repairs
  • Assembly work, for example when assembling machines or product lines
  • Machines, tools and aids (which are used during the project)
  • Materials and equipment which will be included in the building (also applies to items supplied by the builder)
  • Work costed and performed by the builder
  • Employee’s clothes and effects
  • Own materials at fixed storage location
  • Sheds, huts, containers and similar used to carry out the work
  • Additional expenses resulting from compensable loss
  • Price increase
  • Public injunctions from the authorities
  • Reconstruction of archives, professional drawings, data files etc.
  • Office equipment related to administration

Product information

Projects and contract works insurance (PDF, Norwegian)

General liability insurance

Alongside projects and contract works insurance, we also recommend general liability insurance for contractors in building and construction. General liability insurance is the company’s “life insurance” and can help you cover any losses so you can continue operations.

  • Read more about general liability insurance here

Projects and contract works insurance FAQ

Our non-life insurance products

Provider of the insurance

The insurance is provided by Fremtind Forsikring. In order to give you an offer, calculate the price and buy insurance, DNB will transfer your personal data to Fremtind. You can read more about how Fremtind processes personal data in Fremtind’s personal privacy statement.

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