DNB Markets Research App - Personal data information

The DNB Markets research app is offered in Europe only.

General comments – DNB’s personal data policy
The protection of personal data is one of DNB’s ethical standards. DNB Bank ASA is the entity responsible for processing personal data.

You can find DNB’s General Terms and Conditions concerning the processing of personal data here . Said terms and conditions will apply unless otherwise regulated in the paragraphs below. For instance, the collection and use of personal data and information about your user account has been specifically regulated in this declaration, and the paragraphs concerning the collection and use of personal data in DNB’s General Terms and Conditions will thus not apply for the use of the DNB Markets Research app.

Collection and use of personal data – DNB Markets Research app

DNB collects and uses the following information about the users of the DNB Markets Research app:

When using DNB Markets Research:

This app uses so-called cookies. The purpose of using cookies is simplifying the log-in process, as DNB will remember how you logged in the last time you used the app. This means that you do not have to log in manually each time you use DNB Markets Research. Cookies will only be used for this explicitly stated purpose. When using DNB Markets Research, you accept the use of cookies.

When you activate and use the DNB Markets Research services:

The app gives the user delayed access to a limited amount of stock analyses, recommendations, macro rapports and web TV-broadcasts prepared by our analysts.

Active DNB Markets customers who have completed at least 5 trades during the last 90 days can obtain full access to all analyses. If you desire such access, DNB will store your e-mail address and username. Your e-mail address and your username will only be used to identify you as a user with full access, and will only be stored by DNB and on your mobile device. This means that your e-mail address will not be used for marketing purposes or similar.

Your information will not be transferred or distributed to any third parties or within the DNB group.

Securing personal data and providing safe and secure services are important to us. Even though DNB has good security routines and systems, unauthorized use of your device may occur if you have not taken necessary steps to protect your mobile device. Thus, it is important that you take such precautions when using mobile devices. We recommend protecting your device with a passcode lock. More information and guidelines can be found at www.nettvett.no (only available in Norwegian).

This app may provide links to external and third party websites. DNB is not liable for and does not take any responsibility as concerns the contents on and user terms of such sites.

By using DNB Markets Research, you accept these terms. The terms are updated as of October 2014.