Now you can trade equities on your mobile phone or iPad

DNB mTrader puts real-time market data from over 50 exchanges, specialist data, news and trading functionality at your fingertips.

  • Place buy or sell orders directly from your iPhone og iPad
  • Monitor your portfolio, trades and orders
  • Get real-time streaming market data from more than 50 exchanges
  • News and specialist data
  • DNB Markets Research feed
  • Drill down into instrument details, including Level 2 order depth, trades and charts
  • Use dynamic search to create your quote list, or upload from DNB Online Trader
illustration mtrader on iphone - DNB marketsSubscription
In order to use DNB mTrader with real-time streaming market data you need a subscription.

To buy and sell equities you will also need a trading account with DNB Markets.
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Free Trial Account
If you would like to try DNB mTrader with streaming market data, please register for a free trial account.

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