Economic Outlook


(14.12.2012) Today we release an update on the Economic Outlook for 2013.

The update contains the following headlines:
  • Global overview: Higher growth next year
  • USA: May be a positive surprise
  • Eurozone: Rebalancing, setbacks and negative interest rates
  • UK: Continued high unemployment
  • Sweden: Gloomy lead-up to 2013
  • China: Rebalancing causes lower growth 
  • Japan: Deteriorated outlook
  • Norway: High, but slowing growth
  • Foreign exchange: The euro under pressure, strong "Scandies"
In addition detailed tables for interest rates and currency forecasts are included.

More detailed discussions and forecasts, also beyond 2013, will be published in our next report in January 2013.

» Please see the updated report for details (pdf)