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Pensions Conference 16 9 u Kloppen

Did you miss the conference?

Don’t worry, you can see the highlights here.

Pensions: A changing future

The pension framework is constantly changing. We are also facing new investment challenges, both in terms of the green shift and the unrest in the world.

At the DNB Pensions Conference, the subject of how these challenges should be met was raised.

Choose a subject you would like to learn more about and watch the video! (available in Norwegian only)

See the highlights of the DNB Pensions Conference

What is happening in the world?

Chief Economist at DNB Markets, Kjersti Haugland, gives us her macroeconomic analysis of the world today, and her outlook for the future.

What is a good pension?

Stian Revheim, expert in pensions and saving, shares his knowledge on what role pensions play in an employee’s finances and how saving for a pension has evolved.

Salaries and pensions in the future

Paal Fure, who runs the largest marketing agency in the Nordic region, shares his analysis on how the population will live in the future, and what this means for salaries and pensions.

Investment strategies

Head of Investment Management, Anette Hjertø, explains investment strategies in a world of change and shares an investment manager’s outlook on how the future currently looks.

Greener investments

Gine Wang-Rese discusses greener investments with Else Hendel from WWF, impact investor Javad Mushtaq and Carine Ihenacho from NBIM.

Pensions investments

Truls Tollefsen explains how expectations of sustainable investments and actual investment profiles can be communicated by you to your employees.

“Pension on the entire balance”

Per Valebrokk takes a deep dive into how “pension on the entire balance” affects businesses. With him is Roger Bjørnstad from the Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions, Øystein Dørum from the Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise, Kjersti Hobøl from Nille and Maalfrid Brath from Manpower.

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Key information on pensions for businesses

Find useful information on pensions here

Guests and speakers:

  • Maalfrid Brath

    CEO, Manpower

    Maalfrid Brath

    Together with Kjersti and Per, Maalfrid will discuss how “pension on the entire balance” affects Manpower as a company.

  • Else Hendel

    Assistant General Secretary of the WWF, the World Wildlife Fund

    Else Hendel.jpg

    Together with Gine, Carine and Javad, Else will discuss greener investments and WWF’s expectations from the green shift.

  • Per Valebrokk

    Partners and adviser at Storm Communications

    Per Valebrokk

    Per is a former journalist and now hosts the podcast “Stormcast with Valebrokk & Stordalen”. He will lead the conversations on the subject of “pension on the entire balance”.

  • Javad Mushtaq

    CEO and vice chairman, MAK and EAT

    Javad Mushtaq

    Javad is vice chairman of Gunhild Stordalen’s EAT, runs MAK and is the founder of the investment company JM Ventures.

  • Anette Hjertø

    Head of Investment Management, DNB

    Anette Hjertø

    Anette will look at different investment strategies and which trends are currently leading these.

  • Kjersti Hobøl

    CEO, Nille

    Kjersti Hobøl

    Together with Maalfrid and Per, Kjersti will discuss how “pension on the entire balance” affects Nille.

  • Gine Wang Reese

    Executive Vice President Public Affairs & Sustainability, DNB

    Gine Wang Reese

    Gine has led the revitalisation of DNB’s sustainability strategy, and will chair the conversation with Javad, Else from WWF and Carine from NBIM on the panel.

  • Carine Ihenacho

    Chief Governance and Compliance Officer, NBIM

    Carine Smith Ihenacho

    Carine is responsible for the governance and compliance area in NBIM as well as their initiatives on responsible ownership. She will join the panel with Gine, Javad and Else from WWF.

  • Paal Fure

    CEO, dentsu Norway and Northern Europe

    Paal Fure

    Paal will review population trends that are becoming particularly important for salaries, pensions and patterns of behaviour.

  • Øystein Dørum

    Chief Economist, NHO - Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise

    Øystein Dørum

    Øystein will talk about “pension on the entire balance” from an economic perspective and why NHO - Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise thinks this hits the mark.

  • Kjersti Haugland

    Chief Economist, DNB Markets

    Kjersti Haugland

    Kjersti will review the economic situation the world is currently facing and what future prospects we have.

  • Stian Revheim

    Pensions expert, DNB

    Stian Revheim

    Stian will look at how pension regulations have affected businesses and their employees’ investment choices.

  • Roger Bjørnstad

    Chief Economist, Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions

    Roger Bjørnstad

    Roger will speak from an economic perspective about “pension on the entire balance” and why the Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions wants this introduced.

  • Truls Tollefsen

    Director for Wealth Management Investment Office, DNB

    Truls Tollefsen

    Truls will review how investment strategies and expectations from sustainable investments affect decision makers around pensions.

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