OCR service is a product which automatically updates your accounts receivables.
By using OCR service you can eliminate your company's need for any manual registration of incoming payments. Information about each received payment is delivered in a file which is used for the subsequent automatic updating of your accounts receivable ledger.

The OCR service is suitable for businesses of all types and sizes. The product can be used for both fixed and ad hoc invoices.

How OCR works

The payee sends the payer an invoice where customer identification (KID) is specified. The KID reference identifies the customer and invoice, and may contain elements such as:
  •  Customer number
  •  Invoice number
  •  Instalment number - or various combinations of these

Advantages for your company

  • Better overview of outstanding accounts receivable
  • Simpler reconciliation of bank statements
  • The accounts receivable ledger is updated no later than the day after payment is received

Please note that when invoices are sent to the payees for whom Avtale Giro (direct debit- service B2C) might be a viable alternative, the customer number must be part of the KID number.
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