BankID on your mobile

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With BankID on your mobile you always have an alternative to your code device when you need to visit the Internet bank or shop online.

With BankID on your mobile you can:

  • Log in to the Internet bank, mobile bank and other websites 
  • Confirm payments when you shop online 
Some offical sites demand that you have your personal password in addition to BankID mobile. You can create the password in the internet bank by going to Settings and BankID.

Do not throw away your code device. You will have use for it in case of changes with your mobile operator.

What you need to create BankID on your mobile

You need your mobile phone and your code device present during the process.

In order to get BankID on your mobile device you need a mobile plan from a carrier who supports the service.
» Check if your phone and plan is supported by BankID

Common issues and how to solve them

If you have problems using BankID on your mobile to log in, please read the following tips:

Turn your mobile phone off and on again
  • This will often fix temporary problems caused by communication errors between your SIM card, the internet bank and your mobile operator

Ordered/Received a new SIM card?

  • If you have ordered or received a new SIM card, you need to log in to the internet bank with another log in method, delete your BankID mobile and then order it again
  • Log in, click Settings and choose BankID mobile
  • Click the Delete BankID on your mobile-button and follow the instructions on the screen

Error message when ordering BankID on your mobile

  • This may indicate a problem with your SIM card or your mobile subscription
  • Please contact your mobile operator for further assistance.