Green Car loan

You can get Green Car Loan to finance the purchase of an environmentally friendly car.

Suitable if you buy a car which fulfils one of the following criteria:

  • Ethanol cars E85
  • Natural gas or bio-gas cars
  • Petrol or diesel cars, including hybrid cars, with maximum emissions of 120 g/km CO2. Diesel cars must be fitted with a particle filter
  • Electric cars

Price Green Car Loan

from 4.15% nom.
5.45 % eff. interest rate.
Loan NOK 150 000

Conditional on 35% own capital.


Price example

Conditional on minimum 35% own capital:
Loan amount NOK 150 000
Repayment period: 5 years
Nominal interest rate: 4.15%
Effective interest rate: 5.45%
Front-end fee: NOK 2160
Total cost: NOK 171 154

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