Secured car loans

If you are planning to buy a car, you should apply for a car loan now. You may also apply for a pre-qualification letter which is valid for three months.

Why choose a secured car loan™ ?

If you become unemployed, are made redundant or are put on sick leave, it may be difficult to repay your car loan.

If you have a secured car loan™, you need not worry, as the loan includes an extra insurance which will cover instalment payments in connection with unforeseen events and difficult life circumstances: 

  • Periods of unemployment or redundancy in excess of 30 days (applies to wage earners)
  • 100% sick leave in excess of 30 days (applies to wage earners and self-employed persons)
  • Hospitalisation in excess of three days (applies to self-employed persons)


Your loan instalments, interest and fees will be paid for up to 12 months for each insurance event, maximum NOK 13 000 per month.
Remaining debt of up to NOK 750 000 will be forgiven in the event of death.

Interest rate from

4.35% nom.
NOK 150 000, Total cost: NOK 173 181

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Price example:

Conditional on 35% own capital:
Loan amount NOK 150 000
Repayment period: 5 year
Nominal interest rate: 4.35%
Effective interest rate: 5.96%
Front-end fee: NOK  2160
Total cost: NOK 173 181