Home mortgages for young adults

Whether it is your first or second home, we can offer you the same favourable interest rate.

Home mortgage

Home mortgage

*The amount applies within maxLoanPercentage% of the loan limit
Changes per month
Monthly cost*
*The amount applies within maxLoanPercentage% of the loan limit

You must pay

Monthly cost:

*The amount applies within maxLoanPercentage% of the loan limit

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  • 2.44% eff. interest rate covering up to 85 % of appraised value
  • If two persons apply together, the age of the younger person will determine whether you are qualified
  • These terms and conditions apply until you change the loan after reaching the age of 34


How to apply for loan
1. Complete the online loan application and send it to us

2. We will call you, giving you a preliminary response based on the information provided

3. You will receive a final answer once we have received the required documentation from you

4. We will send you the loan documents for your signature. We can provide you with the loan once we have received the loan documents

Required documents
To consider your application, we need the following:

  • Your most recent paycheck
  • Your tax return (and that of your co-borrower, if relevant)
  • A valuation/appraisal of the property serving as collateral

Price example

Loan amount NOK 2 million
Repayment period: 25 years
Nom. interest rate: 2.35%
Eff. interest rate: 2.44%
Total cost: NOK 2 664 075
These terms apply to customers under the age of 34 with loans in DNB Boligkreditt.