Garanti Pensjon Spar - Individual Retirement Account

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Garanti Pensjon Spar is an Individual Retirement Account (IRA). Our portfolio managers will allocate your savings between equities, bonds, real estate and money market funds. You are guaranteed an annual minimum rate of return.

Suitable if you:

  • You will not start drawing on your pension savings for at least ten years
  • You will pay wealth tax during most of the savings period, as well as the payment period
  • To save an annual amount of up to NOK 15 000 towards retirement
  • To maximise your chances to receive high returns while minimising risk
  • A predetermined investment profile and an annual minimum return
  • To retire after the age of 62

Not suitable if you:

  • Prefer higher risk investments in order to achieve higher returns
  • Are approaching retirement
  • Want full access to your savings
  • IRA savings will defer tax. If you save the maximum annual amount of NOK 15 000, this will give you an income tax deduction of NOK 4 200 (or 28%)
  • When your pension savings are paid out, they are taxed at the same rate as retirement income. Tax rules regarding retirement income were changed in 2011. Your tax rate will be approximately 40% if your retirement income is NOK 160 000 or more.

Healthy returns

DNB Liv (Life Insurance)has delivered the industry’s highest returns to its customers over the last five years. Average return during this period: 5.74%.

Please note that the returns listed include costs. Costs vary depending on the individual agreement, as will net returns. If the annual return is lower than the annual minimum return, you will earn the minimum return.

Garanti Pensjon Spar (IRA)

Deposit fee: 0%

Annual management fee: 1.30%

Annual administration fee: 0.60%

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