Frequently asked questions

What kind of identification documents do you accept?

The following documents are accepted as valid identification for personal customers:

  • Valid passport (not emergency passport)
  • Norwegian immigrant's passport (blue)
  • Norwegian refugee travel document (green)

Where can I find information about prices and terms and conditions?

In Norway:
For more information, please contact customer service Norway.

In the Baltics:
Terms and conditions

General terms and conditions
Terms and conditions payment services

Terms and conditions, prices

What is a D-number?

A D-number is an identification number allocated to people who have not been registered in the Norwegian National Population Register. A D-number can be used as identification in the same way as a Norwegian personal identification number. It can take up to 6 weeks to be issued a D-number in Norway.

Read more about D-numbers on the Norwegian Tax Administration website

How do I obtain a D-number?

You will need to personally visit one of the branch offices of the Norwegian Tax Administration in order to obtain a D-number. 

Find branch office

Please visit  the Norwegian Tax Administration website to read more about D-numbers and Norwegian national identity numbers.

Read more about D-numbers on the Norwegian Tax Administration website

What is BankID?

BankID is a personal and simple electronic proof of identity for secure identification online. BankID allows you to sign documents electronically (for example a mortgage application).

BankID is offered and issued by Norwegian banks.

When applying for BankID you must have a norwegian identity number, we cannot accept a D-number. If you not are an EU/EEA citizen, you need a residence card which confirms permanent residence permit.