DNB SICAV High Yield

DNB SICAV High Yield – benefit from Scandinavia's steady growth

The fund is a bond fund investing primarily in Scandinavian high-yield bonds. The focus is on securities from the sectors of energy, offshore services, and exploration & production.

DNB SICAV High Yield was launched in Luxembourg at the end of 2015. The fund continues the success story of the Norwegian DNB High Yield Fund on the Luxembourg fund platform with a volume of EUR 197 million (as at 03/2017). As a result, the successful DNB high-yield strategy, which was previously available only in Norway, is now also available to European investors. In 2016 the fund generated a performance of 7.6%, making it one of the top funds in its peer group.

The fund is is managed by the experienced DNB Fixed Income Team, which has been headed by Svein Aage Aanes for more than 16 years. Without exaggeration, DNB Asset Management is one of the largest and most successful asset managers in the Scandinavian fixed-income segment and has one of the largest investment teams specialising in the Scandinavian markets. Morningstar has named DNB Asset Management the best fixed-income asset manager on several occasions.


Strategy insights

Details of the strategy

The DNB SICAV High Yield Fund is an actively managed bond fund. The consistent high-yield investment strategy, which is based on a bottom-up analysis, allows investors to participate in above-average interest rate premiums and simultaneously reduces the risk of individual investments.
Stocks are selected by focusing on fundamental data, taking into account the macroeconomic and sector-specific environment. The core element of the selection process is the balance sheet strength of the company concerned and the resulting minimal probability of default.

Instrument types in the investment process

The DNB SICAV High Yield Fund is a bond fund wholly invested in variable and fixed-income bonds. The main focus of investment is the Scandinavian high-yield market worth around EUR 33 billion, 75% of which consists of variable-income high yield bonds mostly denominated in the three currencies of Norwegian krone, Swedish krona and U.S. dollars.
Investment in floating rate notes results in a short duration at portfolio level, significantly reducing the interest rate sensitivity of the fund.

What makes the strategy unique?

We have one of the largest Scandinavian portfolio and investment teams worldwide and in our home market we have core competences in the strong Nordic sectors. A well-established investment team with many years of experience in Scandinavian bond markets manages the high yield portfolio.
In Anders Buvik, DNB Asset Management has gained a proven expert with extensive industry experience in the oil and offshore sector to manage DNB SICAV High Yield.

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DNB SICAV High Yield DNB SICAV High Yield

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