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We take responsibility for our impact on people and the environment

DNB’s work within SRI (Socially Responsible Investments) started in 1989 when our first "green" fund was launched. Today, we offer ethical funds, funds with an environmental focus and customised portfolios with specific ESG criteria. Moreover, DNB has an ethical platform which applies to all our investments and serves as an ethical base for all teams within asset management.

Ethical platform

The DNB ethical platform is the ethical policy on which all our asset management is based. platform

Active ownership

We aim to improve companies' performance in environmental and social matters. We engage in dialogue and vote on resolutions. future
Focus areas

As part of our active ownership strategy we have chosen to work more in-depth with three focus areas including sustainable cotton (including child labor), fisheries and aquaculture and indigenous rights. areas



Strategy insights

Details on the strategy

The role of the Lead Portfolio Manager is to construct a portfolio of some 80-110 companies which lead to a truly active risk level of 3-5 %. He interacts with the sector managers to pick the relevant stocks within each sector and also adds a dimension of intended sector betting in the global industry sectors.

DNB has adopted ethical guidelines for all investments: our ESG platform. The ESG platform means DNB Asset Management exercises special care with respect to transactions and acts which represent a risk of involvement in unethical conduct, infringement of human or labour rights, or corruption or harm to the environment.

DNB Fund - Global ESG has an even more extensive ESG approach. Investment considerations are based on the following international principles and guidelines: UN Global Compact, OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises and the Ottawa Convention. The ESG platform also states that DNB will not invest in companies that are involved in the production, storing or trading of cluster weapons or nuclear weapons, or in companies which produce tobacco or pornography.

The strategy has delivered consistent outperformance since its inception in 2003. The independent alpha sources have ensured a high degree of specialisation within each risk bucket, and a diversified performance structure. Portfolio and risk management are centralised for optimal risk control.

Instrument types in the investment process

100% equities only. Maximum 10% placed in cash, though historically around 1% due to liquidity reasons.

What makes the strategy unique?

Our product is unique in that it is a pure stock-picking product that applies the different skill sets of several sector managers to create a portfolio. The alpha comes from stock-picking skills and not huge bets on regions or sectors. The role of the PM is to apply the bets from the respective sector managers and add a layer of intended sector risk to end up with a portfolio with the desired level of risk. The quality of risk in this product is very good for the investors.
In addition, the ESG matrix provides a responsible investment universe where DNB seeks real influence through active ownership and support of sustainable investment opportunities.

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DNB Fund - Global ESG SRI

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Socially responsible investing - 5 questions to DNB Asset Management

sri-videoPeople making sustainable financial investments want to make sure their investments are managed on the basis of social, ethical and ecological considerations.
So can an investor put their faith in the sustainability approach? And if so, which type of investor are the products suitable for?

These questions and others are answered by Mike Judith, Executive Director at DNB Asset Management S.A.

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