When buying a property outside of your home country, there are many things you must consider. We provide loans with fixed or floating interest rates. Apply for a pre-qualification letter early in your application process. Please, contact your DNB adviser.

Which type of loan?

We provide loans with fixed or variable interest rates. With respect to variable interest loans, a variable interest amount will be charged on each due date whereas the instalments will be the same for the entire loan period. If you wish to have greater predictability regarding your payments, a fixed interest loan is the best option.

You can guard against future interest rate increases by entering into a fixed interest rate agreement with us for a specific period. On the other hand, you will not benefit from any fall in interest rates during the agreement period. You can also choose to combine the two loan types.

Pre-qualification letter

Apply for a pre-qualification letter at the start of the process. You will then be able to bid on your dream home when the perfect property is on the market. It is not necessary to have a specific property in mind before you apply.

Multicurrency loan facility

We recommend that you take up loans in the same currency as the property is valued in, independent of the exchange rate at the time of purchase. This will help reduce the currency risk related to such investments.

If you mortgage your primary home in Norway to buy a second international property, this may reduce how much you can borrow in the future secured by your Norwegian home.
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Mortgage in the UK

If you are a high net worth individual and reside in the UK, please contact your DNB adviser for advice on property purchased secured in the UK.