Spain is the first choice for Scandinavians purchasing a second home in a warm climate. DNB Luxembourg offers financing and refinancing secured against real property in Spain. We have the experts to guide you through the process.



Step by step guide to a mortgage

  • DNB Luxembourg will process and put forward your application for credit.
  • Once your application is approved an indicative offer will be sent to you. This must be signed and returned to us together with an advance payment.
  • Appraisal of the property in question must be conducted. Our lawyer will ensure this is properly conducted and that the property can serve as collateral.
  • The loan contract will then be issued and an account opened in DNB Luxembourg.
  • A date is then set for a meeting with the notary to sign the purchase deed and the mortgage deed. The lawyer of the bank will attend this meeting and can sign on your behalf if posessing a power of attorney.


External costs for a loan secured against real property in Spain:

Creation of a mortgage is approximately 3–5 % of the purchase price. The bank’s arrangement fees are a minimum of EUR 1 750 or 1 % of the loan amount.

Procedure to purchase a property in Spain

  • Reservation of the property and payment of the reservation amount. The property is removed from the market and cannot be sold to any other potential buyer.
  • The purchase agreement is drawn up and payment of the deposit is approximately one week after the signing of the agreement. (The size of the deposit varies).
  • The lawyer obtains all the necessary documentation for the property and ensures that there are no liens, charges or encumbrances on the property.
  • Acquisition of the property and payment of the outstanding amount takes place at the notary on the date specified in the purchase agreement.

Managed by your own lawyer.

Documentation needed
Documentation needed
Inheritance and inheritance tax
Inheritance and inheritance tax
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Important information
To purchase a house in Spain, you must have a valid tax identification number (an NIE number).
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