Our savings accounts - an overview

If you want a predictable and low risk way of saving money, then a savings accout may be right for you. Choose the account that meets your needs.

Superspar - deposit a fixed monthly amount

Get a super rate of interest on your savings from the first krone. For the monthly saver.

Superspar - Get a super rate of interest

Super interest from day one


Requires a monthly savings scheme

Savings account

A savings account gives you predictability and a higher interest rate than a current account.

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Best interest rate


Our best savings account interest rate applies to all amounts below NOK 8 mill.

BSU - Home savings scheme for young people

Our home savings scheme for young people (BSU) is a very smart way to save towards a home of your own. We give you a good rate of interest, and you may get tax relief.

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Interest rate


Fixed rate accounts

If you are looking for a guaranteed rate of interest and can lock your money away for an agreed period.

Read more about fixed rate accounts or view our full terms and conditions.

One-year fixed rate

Applies to terms fixed until 15. January 2019
From 25 000 to NOK 8 mill


Applies to the full amount when the deposit is between NOK 8 million and NOK 20 million.


Interest rates

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