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May 2014  
kh1 DNB Scandinavia (May 2014)                                                                  
Portfolio Manager's commentary

"As you know, the Nordic stock market has performed extremely well over time. Better than both the European and the global stock markets. Since the beginning of 2008 DNB Scandinavia has outperformed the market with 19 per cent gross. Also, last year was a good year both for the market and for our fund."

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February 2014
pk DNB India (February 2014)
Portfolio Manager's commentary                                                                         

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January 2014
tech DNB Technology (January 2014)
Portfolio Manager's commentary                                                                                               
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October 2013
kmh DNB Scandinavia (October 2013)
Portfolio Manager's commentary                                                                                               
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September 2013 
pk DNB India (September 2013)
Portfolio Manager`s market commentary                                                                                                                                                                                                   
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July 2013
atj DNB Technology (July 2013)
Portfolio Manager's Commentary                                                                                               
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June 2013 

Socially responsible investing - 5 questions to DNB Asset Management (June 2013)

People making sustainable financial investments want to make sure their investments are managed on the basis of social, ethical and ecological considerations.
So can an investor put their faith in the sustainability approach? And if so, which type of investor are the products suitable for? These questions and others are answered by Mike Judith, Vice President at DNB Asset Management.

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April 2013
krishnan Q1/2013 Update about India with Portfolio manager of DNB Asian Small Cap and DNB India (April 2013)

"India is on a path to a cyclical recovery in its economy; we are already in the early stages of the same. We expect this recovery to be broadly in three phases."

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Shadow Lau

Q1/2013 Update about China with Portfolio manager of DNB Asian Small Cap and DNB China Century
(April 2013)

"We believe that the new Chinese government will continue to drive economic growth by 3Rs, that is Rebalancing the household income growth in coastal and inland area, Redeveloping the economic growth in the western and eastern area that is speeding up the urbanisation, and Reforms as the Chinese government needs to provide reform to solve some of the hurdles that are blocking this progress. So these are the forces that support China on sustainable growth."

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December 2012
Asian Small Cap Team Interview with Portfolio manager of DNB Asian Small Cap, DNB India & DNB China Century (December 2012)

"The DNB Asian Small Cap Fund has had a fairly steady year; particular improvement was seen towards the second half of the year. It has been facilitated in no small measure by the good contribution from India in 2012. Going into 2013, Chinese valuations look attractive."

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