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Nordic equity markets offer investors an attractive alternative

The various Nordic countries have stable political conditions with well-functioning welfare states, a regulated economic environment which is enterprise-friendly, a highly qualified workforce and an outstanding education system. This means that labour markets are flexible and people can apply new technologies very swiftly. The most important factor of all has to do with the Nordic tradition: we have small domestic markets and therefore long-standing expertise in foreign trade. As a result, we benefit from high growth in emerging markets and generate a significant portion of profits there.

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Strategy insights

Details on the strategy

We believe that, in the long run, a stock develops in line with a company's earnings power. In addition, the stock market periodically overreacts in response to news or events such that stocks in some periods will be over- or undervalued relative to their long-term earnings potential.
We take advantage of the mispricing by overweighting undervalued stocks and underweighting overvalued stocks. We believe that the market in the short to medium term is driven by catalysts that can be taken advantage of. These catalysts include fundamentals, momentum, flow/liquidity, risk appetite and seasonality.
Top-down analysis is used to identify themes, sectors, styles and countries that look most attractive within the Nordic equity universe. Our monthly top-down analysis sets the framework for our stock selection, which is based on a fundamental bottom-up analysis.

Instrument types in the investment process

DNB Nordic Equities is a pure equity product with close to 100% invested in equity stocks. The fund is authorised to make use of derivative financial instruments.

What makes the strategy unique?

Skilled and incentivised industry experts working with a proven infrastructure within a strong risk management framework. We are Scandinavian equity specialists based in Scandinavia and have a deep understanding of companies in this universe. Valuation is viewed as a qualifying, but not an absolute, factor. What is actually priced into the stock is also a question. Company-, industry-, and stock-specific knowledge are part of the investment decision and are analysed by virtue of the use of various methodologies.

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DNB Scandinavia has a long history of solid performance. Bringing together the uniqueness of Nordic countries, the strategy has won several awards. Morningstar Norway, for example, rated the fund best in class for 2009-2011.

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