Savings and investments

You want to optimise your return and risk and we, at DNB Luxembourg, can help you choose among the best international products and suppliers within each investment category.

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Bank deposits Account deposits
Deposits with day-to-day interest rates. No required savings period.
Current account
One account for different currencies.
Fixed-rate deposits
Fixed rate of interest. Predictable and risk-free. 
Mutual funds  Balanced funds
The aim is to find an optimal mix of risk (equity funds) and safety (fixed-income funds) based on the fund’s limits.
Bond funds
Possible to gain better returns than in money market funds, but greater volatility in values.
Equity funds
Offer you the best return. However, you must be willing to tolerate considerable volatility.
Money market funds
An alternative to bank deposits. You can expect a slightly higher return than in savings accounts.
Securities  Bonds
Investments in fixed-income securities.
You can trade individual equities via your DNB adviser on all international stock exchanges.

Equity-linked bank deposits and index-linked bonds
Capital protected products with return from the financial markets.

Exchange traded products
Enable you to invest in many markets.

Enable you to participate in market trading with high exposure based on a relatively small capital input. 
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