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'Technology stocks are not expensive'
The asset manager DNB believes technology stocks are attractively valued. The technology team took advantage of low prices to stock up on Ericsson and sold Pokémon-owner Nintendo after the stock doubled. The two technology funds are showing great momentum and their assets under management broke through the 500 million euro mark.
(Luxembourg, October 2016) Complete press release

‘Apple needs to pull something out of the hat’
Technology shares are the stars of the show on Wall Street, with Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Netflix, etc. making an entrance to present their quarterly reports. According to Anders Tandberg-Johansen, technology expert at DNB Asset Management, their performances varied. There were both rays of hope and disappointments for the investors. Apple has an ongoing innovation problem and the market shares and profit margins of Netflix are at risk. And while Microsoft continues to polarise as usual, not even the regulatory authorities can stand in the way of Google’s growth story.
(Luxembourg, 26.05.2016) Complete press release
‘Valuations in the tech sector are very fair’
Technological megatrends promise growth even in turbulent times. According to DNB, the prices of tech stocks are expected to increase by eight to ten per cent in 2016. The odds can even be improved by targeted stock picking. Particular names such as SAP and Oracle are especially well positioned in the race for the top returns.
(Luxembourg, 19.02.2016) Complete press release 

Nordic High Yield beckons with ten-percent returns
The sea on the Nordic High Yield market remains choppy on account of diminished oil prices. Much intuition and expertise is needed to select bonds. Rising oil prices will drive rates back up again in the medium and long term.
(Luxembourg, 08.01.2016) Complete press release

Technology shares in pole position on the stock exchange for the first time
With Apple, Microsoft and Google, three technology companies lead the ranking of the most valuable companies listed on the stock exchange for the first time. The rise of technology shares is not finished yet. Mountains of cash, great innovative power and high growth rates continue to attract investors.
(Luxembourg, 26.06.2015) Complete press release

Tech shares: New records based on solid foundations
The boom in technology shares enters its seventh year. Anders Tandberg-Johansen, Head of Global Technology and Fund Manager of DNB Asset Management, with a fix on the tech sector.
(Luxembourg, 27.02.2015) Complete press release

Tech shares are growing eight times faster than global securities
IT shares will remain a focus in 2015. Anders Tandberg-Johansen, Head of Global Technology and fund manager of DNB Asset Management, presents his long-term ideas for the new year.
(Luxembourg, 27.01.2015) Complete press release

Markets follow the new political beginning
The Modi government's policies are unleashing the market economy in India
(Luxembourg, 24.11.2014) Complete press release

DNB Global SRI - Sustainability begins with one's own action
Demand from the institutional investor segment is steadily increasing – DNB, Global SRI Fund with impressive value development
(Luxembourg, 11.04.2014) Complete press release

Tech sector tempts investors with high growth rates
DNB Asset Management focusing on alternative high-quality stocks – with success
(Luxembourg, 12.08.2014) Complete press release

Technology giants remain attractive to investors
DNB Asset Management takes part in the tenth anniversary of Google Switzerland
(Luxembourg, 04.06.2014) Complete press release

Renewable energies have a strong tailwind
Clean energy funds once again a focus for investors.
(Luxembourg, 03.04.2014) Complete press release

DNB Asset Management: technology team chalks up another stage victory
Fund wins Lipper Fund Award and passes the 100 million euro mark
(Luxembourg, 28.02.2014) Complete press release

The tale of the technology bubble
Prices of social media and 3D-printing companies climb new heights.
(Oslo, 15.01.2014) Complete press release

Nordic shares in pole position for end-of-year rally - Scandinavian share market with strong focus on cyclical industries
(Luxembourg, 28.11.2013) Complete press release
Renewable energy sector trumps overall market for first time in 2012 – grid expansion provides investment opportunities
(Oslo, 09.10.2012) Complete press release
Recovery trend appears possible – financials and IT sector seen as attractive
(Chennai, 31.08.2012) Complete press release
Nordic countries benefit from growth in emerging markets
(Oslo, 16.07.2012) Complete press release

Opportunities in the technology market: Favourable valuations and growth in the games segment
(Oslo, 08.07.2013) Complete press release