DNB Global SRI – a socially responsible equity fund

(01.07.2013) With DNB Global SRI, we invest globally in businesses from numerous sectors that operate in accordance with social responsibility and which are also attractive from an economic perspective. And we have been doing this with continued success. So far this year, the fund has generated a return of 15.34% net of fees.

‘Identifying the megatrends is only half the battle’

(06.05.2013) Interview with Anders Tandberg-Johansen, fund manager at the DNB Technology equity fund.

Performance from the far north

(06.05.2013) What has Scandinavia’s role been during the euro crisis? Are stocks from the Nordic region still attractive, and how can a fund manager beat the benchmark? Fund manager Karl Høgtun answers these questions in an interview with Stefan Gretschel.

China - Economic update

(08.04.2013) A cyclical recovery in Q4/2012 has been confirmed by multiple indicators. The export sector gained some momentum while investments have expanded at a higher pace in real terms. The recovery was, however, mainly driven by renewed strength in the property sector, with homebuyers returning to the market after a very mild correction in housing prices and somewhat looser credit conditions. The increased momentum in Q4 has continued into 2013, and we expect that GDP growth will increase slightly from Q4 to Q1. For the year as a whole we expect growth to remain in the region between 7.5 and 7.8 percent.

"Patience and knowledge of the market make our tech investments pay off."

(11.03.2013) Interview with Mike Judith, Vice President of DNB Asset Management, on investing successfully in the tech sector.

Positive economic signs in India - Is now a good time to invest?

(01.03.2013) Parameswara Krishnan, Lead Portfolio Manager for Indian Equities at DNB Asset Management, is confident about the mid- to long-term growth of India, and sees now as a good entry point for long-term investors.

DNB Technology – a fund above the market

(05.02.2013) DNB’s Technology fund returned 76.6% to investors over the last five years (as of 31 Jan 2013), an average of 12.0% every year. By comparison, MSCI World grew at an average rate of 3.2% over the same period, and the fund’s benchmark index at a rate of 1.6%. (All figures in EUR and net of fees.)

A volatile year - but strong performance in DNB ECO

(10.12.2012) DNB’s Absolute Return fund in the renewable energy sphere came off an impressive 2011 ending up 17,4% net of fees. Last year’s performance was rewarded with a number of recognitions around the world including ECO Reporter, Hedge Fund Journal, Citywire and more. When 2012 is drawing to a close, the year overall will see a drawdown and a recovery that chose away the faint hearted.

Do not forget India

(01.11.2012) CEO of DNB Asset Management, Torkild Varran, will provide you with first-hand information about investment opportuniues in India. He recently visited Parameswara Krishnan, portfolio manager and Head of Indian Equities, in Chennai. Click to read the interview.

Consistency leads to sustainable success

(01.11.2012) Anders Tandberg-Johansen and his team focus on global long/short equities within the telecom, media and technology sectors. Thanks to his clear strategy, Tandberg-Johansen is on the right track. Click to read the interview.

DNB Navigator - world leading performance over 10 years

DNB Navigator is a mutual fund that invests in shipping and oil service. These sectors
are driven by global growth and trade, and are sectors where Norway has a strong history. From Oslo, the portfolio manager is in the midst of a cluster of company headquarters, operational expertise and a competent analyst community.

Scandinavia offers strong returns for long-term oriented investors

Interview with Mike Judith, Vice President at DNB Asset Management

DNB Technology funds – the rise of internet television

One of the important trends we see within the technology, media and telecom sectors, and that will enter the mainstream over the next few years, is television delivered over the internet.

New boost lies ahead for renewable energies

The situation at the petrol pums has eased for Germany's car drivers. But the question is whether this situation will last? Energy prices are likely to rise again in the long term, as the growing world population's appetite for energy remains robust. Therefore Renewable Energy is offering good investment opportunities.

Have Indian markets bottomed out?

Riddled by a stream of bad news, Indian equity markets have lost much ground. Current pricing and a growth imperative driven by demography now suggest a favorable mid- to long-term outlook for equity markets.

Summary of the first half of 2012

Two snapshots of the financial markets - the first one at the beginning of the year and the second at the end of June - suggest that very little happened during the first half of 2012. A rough summary includes somewhat lower bond yields, a touch stronger dollar and somewhat higher prices on the American stock markets. Other important financial prices are more or less unchanged. However and of course, the financial journey throughout the first six months of the year has not followed a straight line. The Eurozone crisis dominated and one of the biggest changes was a negative reappraisal of the Spanish economy with sharply widening interest rate spreads to Germany.

DNB Technology funds – why an investment can be attractive

The digitization of society has been one of the most persistent trends of the past 30 years. Since 1990 the US Nasdaq technology exchange has outperformed the S&P500 by around 250% (January 1990 to May 2012). The success of the sector is partly due to its global reach and the innovative nature of its products. New and innovative companies can rapidly take market share from established businesses, as exemplified by the way in which Apple has displaced Nokia and Motorola. As demographic conditions change and more and more individuals and businesses get connected to the Internet, the addressable markets get bigger and bigger.

SRI: influencing companies to change behavior

The challenges facing the world in its need to achieve sustainable, long-term economic growth are now great. Climate change, water shortages, poverty, energy supply and an ageing population are problems which demand new solutions, which will require big adjustments in the economy. Companies and investments will play a key role in the process.

Meet the manager in Frankfurt and Vienna

Anders Tandberg-Johansen and Sverre Bergland will be pleased to answer your questions during lunch presentations in Frankfurt and Vienna on June 27 and June 29 2012.

Grünes Geld in Stuttgart, June 23 2012

We are participating in the fair Grünes Geld in Stuttgart on June 23 2012, 9.30 - 18.00, and looking forward to seeing you there.

Meet the manager at GAIM in Monaco, June 18 - June 20 2012

From June 18 - June 20, we are attending the GAIM. Mr. Erling Thune, portfolio manager of tmt equities, will be on the panel of a workshop on day 2 of the main conference, Wednesday June 20: Stream C – UCITS & Managed Accounts Clinics, 17.10-18.00.
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