General Terms

Investments in mutual funds/alternative investment funds always entail a financial risk. In volatile or uncertain market conditions, significant fluctuations in the value or return on that investment may occur. Investments in foreign securities or currencies involve additional risk as the foreign security or currency might lose value against the investor's reference currency. Alternative investments products and investment strategies (e.g. hedge funds or private equity) may be complex and may carry a higher degree of risk. Such risks can arise from extensive use of short sales, derivatives and leverage. Furthermore, the minimum investment periods for such investments may be longer than traditional investment products. Alternative investment strategies (e.g. hedge funds) are intended only for investors who understand and accept the risks associated with investments in such products.
Historical returns, past performance and financial market scenarios are no guarantee of future returns. Investments in funds can both increase and decrease in value, and there is no guarantee that an investor will get the entire invested amount back. Significant losses are always possible. Further information can be found in the funds' prospectus, articles of association or management regulations, respectively, and key information documentation as well as in the annual and semi-annual reports that are available on
Further information can be found free of charge in the funds' prospectus, management regulations/articles of incorporation and in the annual and bi-annual reports that are available in English and in German on, or at DNB Asset Management S.A.’s premises at 13, rue Goethe, L-2520 Luxembourg, at the information agent in Germany (DNB Bank ASA Filiale Deutschland, Neuer Wall 72, 20354 Hamburg) and at the representative in Switzerland (CACEIS Switzerland S.A., route de Signy 35, CH-1260 Nyon).
Fund’s key information documentation are also available free of charge in various languages on
DNB Fund has been registered with Commission de Valores (1400).
DNB SICAV has been registered with Commission de Valores (1637).
Paying agent in Switzerland is Crédit Agricole Suisse S.A., 4 Quai Général Guisan, 1204, Geneva.
The fund may not be offered, sold or delivered within the United States.
DNB Asset Management S.A. is a company in the DNB Group, organisation number in the Luxembourg Trade and Companies Register RCS B 34 518.