Home mortgages in Portugal


We offer financing and refinancing of real estate all along the Algarve coast and in areas around Lisbon, including Estoril and Cascais. Our Scandinavian advisers have extensive experience and broad expertise in financing holiday homes abroad. 


Buying a holiday home abroad is a process that requires both guidance and thorough research. If you choose us as your financing partner, the bank’s local lawyers will also check that the property is legally constructed and without encumbrances. This means greater security for you as a customer.  

Frequently asked questions

What are the loan terms?

-       First priority mortgage in the property abroad

-       Maximum loan to value 70 %

-       Maximum duration, 30 years

-       Minimum loan amount for individuals, EUR 150,000

-       Minimum loan amount for companies, EUR 500,000

How do I apply for a preliminary mortgage approval?

You can apply for a preliminary mortgage approval even before finding the property you want to buy. A preliminary mortgage approval is a useful document stating the Bank’s willingness to lend you a certain sum of money based on certain assumptions. Once you have obtained a preliminary mortgage approval, you are in a position to act quickly when the right opportunity comes up. Preliminary mortgage approval are not mandatory for the process of finding your dream house; however, preliminary mortgage approval enable potential sellers to be confident in your ability to finance a purchase.

If you have already found the property you want to buy, we will issue a loan offer once your loan application has been approved, and then start the financing process.

Please contact us for an informal conversation. 
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Can I take up a loan through my company?

It is possible to take up a loan through your own company. If you want to mortgage a property, the bank will always require a personal guarantee from the main shareholder(s).

What is important to think about with respect to inheritance and generational change?

Inheritance and generational change are important subjects for many people. When you buy and become the owner of a property in another country, you have to deal with inheritance rules and taxation in the country where the property is located. Therefore, it may be wise to seek advice from a lawyer early in the purchase process to clarify the implications and find the best solution for you and your family.  

Please consult a tax adviser for an assessment of your individual situation.

The loan process from A to Z

A property purchase in Portugal normally takes two to three weeks from the time the loan offer is signed.

You will stay in contact with an adviser throughout the entire process.

Here you will find the most important steps in the process:

- The loan application is submitted and processed, normally within two to three weeks.
- The preliminary mortgage approval/loan offer is sent to you when the application has been approved.
- When you have found the property you want to buy, you make an advance payment covering the appraisal.  
- The appraisal company appraises the property (this takes six to eight business days).
- The Bank’s lawyers check the quality of the property as collateral and obtain the required documentation.
- The bank issues the loan agreement based on the lower of the purchase price and the appraised value.
- An account is opened for you in DNB Luxembourg.
- The date for transferring the deed on the property and -insuring the security is agreed.
- Settlement for the purchase and additional costs are transferred in cooperation with a lawyer.
- The loan amount is transferred to DNB Luxembourg’s client account with a lawyer.
- The bank's lawyer pays the loan amount in the meeting with the notary public.
- You receive copies of the purchase contract and the deed on the property, as well as the keys to the property


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