Discretionary Management

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By choosing discretionary management, you entrust us with the management of your wealth. Your values transpiring from our core relationship in mind, together we will identify how to best manage your assets.

The choice is yours

We determine the composition of your portfolio based on your wishes and needs. Our solution is based on tactical allocation in line with our prevailing market view. We offer three different risk profiles in three different currencies: EUR, NOK, USD.

More freedom

As a customer, you will receive professional and individual wealth management services which will help you save valuable time on analysing and monitoring the financial markets yourself.


Discretionary management

We offer a range of investment mandates with different characteristics, strategies and asset classes. Our solution is based on active, diversified multi-asset management with significant scope for tactical allocation in line with our prevailing market view. Since our allocations are more specialized, we do not use the same allocation as DNB in Norway.

We keep you up-to-date

Our reports show you the status and development of your portfolio. Together, we regularly go through the investment strategy to ensure that it still suits your situation, your expectations and your goals.


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