Notary publics and valuations

When buying a property in France, the notary public plays a vital role. It is therefore important that you use a notary public who speaks a language you can understand.

Notary public

We cooperate with notary publics in Paris who are fluent in both French and English, and can assist the bank with the mortgaging of the property. In connection with the acquisition of property, the loan amount is transferred to the notary public.

Notary publics:

  • are neutral and mandatory in all property contracts
  • undertake extensive administrative checks in connection with legal titles, encumbrances, certificates of final completion etc.
  • are in charge of settlements, the payment of debt and the registration of property
  • are advisers in legal and tax matters relating to the purchase of property


A valuation report is required when refinancing a property. We can arrange the services of a French property valuer.
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