Are you looking for an exciting investment alternative? We offer trading with commodities in gold and silver, as well as in commodity derivatives or financial contracts related to commodity prices. Contact us for more information about how to invest in commodities.


Why and how to invest in commodities

Many wish to take commodity pricing risk as commodity prices often do not correlate with equity and bond prices and therefore can reduce risk in an investment portfolio.

The settlement of commodity derivatives takes place in cash and not upon the physical delivery of the commodity. You can trade in commodity derivatives related to freight, crude oil, oil products, electric power, agricultural products and metals.

What is commodity hedging?

Trading in commodity derivatives means that you can hedge against fluctuations in the price of commodities.

Oil trading

You can now trade directly in the price of oil. The price of oil is one of the drivers on international stock exchanges and, in particular, the Norwegian stock exchange. Investors who wish to have direct exposure to the price of oil can now achieve this by investing in an oil Exchange Traded Fund.
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