Money market investment loan

Borrowing funds to invest, also called gearing, gives you a larger range of investment opportunities and can increase your potential return. Please be aware that gearing can also increase your losses. 

Conditions for money market investment loan

  • You are a DNB customer
  • You understand and are aware of the risk associated with such loans
  • You have a portfolio where underlying securities are weighted (have a credit value), which determine the credit limit we can offer you
  • Your portfolio serves as collateral
  • Your loan must at all times be within the credit limit based on the underlying securities


  • You can release tied-up capital
  • Reduces your equity requirement for trading and gives you greater flexibility
  • You can increase your potential excess returns

Loans are secured by

  • Cash holding
  • Equities
  • Bonds
  • Mutual funds
  • Exchange Traded Funds
  • Equity-linked bank deposits and index-linked bonds