Inheritance planning

Good advice is essential when planning how to transfer your wealth and assets to your heirs. If you have special wishes as to who is to inherit your properties or your company, then it is advisable to draw up a will.

Mortgage loan and inheritance planning

In Scandinavia, we have long traditions of investing in real estate at home and internationally.

Our partners have in-depth knowledge of local tax rules and regulations in France and Spain in connection with wealth transfer planning.

Generational change

Many families who own private companies have experienced that the process surrounding generational change can be long and complex. Some questions to consider:

  • Should you transfer the ownership of your company or not?
  • What should be transferred to new owners?
  • To whom should the transfer be made?
  • When should the transfer take place?
  • How should it be implemented?
  • Which preparations are necessary?
  • What are the consequences?
  • What should you do after the transfer has been completed?

See also: Taxation

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