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See what the travel insurance covers


Updated 18.8.2022 at 11:00

Not sure what your travel insurance covers? These are the most frequently asked questions by our customers right now

Your travel insurance is still valid in most countries around the world, but even though the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has lifted its global travel advisory, the pandemic is far from over. This has made many of our customers concerned.

Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions by customers right now (you can find even more information about the pandemic and travel insurance further down the page).

Don't have travel insurance?

Remember to buy travel insurance before you book your trip to make sure you have valid cancellation insurance.

I don’t want to use my tickets because of the infection situation What does the travel insurance cover?

We do not cover cancellations due to fear of quarantine, illness or other similar factors. In any case, you can contact the airline, hotel or travel organiser to see if your tickets or order can be rebooked. Because of the pandemic, many people now have more flexible rebooking options than in the past.

COVID-19 has infected me or someone I will be travelling with prior to the trip. What do I do if I have to cancel the trip?

We treat COVID-19 as a normal illness if you or someone you're travelling with gets it. This means that if you cancel your trip and seek compensation from us, you must provide us with documentation that you are ill.

Unfortunately, a positive home test is not sufficient documentation in this case. You must take a PCR test at a municipal testing station or a private medical centre, or obtain a doctor's certificate stating that you are ill.

The concert/event I am going to has been cancelled. Can I get something reimbursed on the travel insurance?

Unfortunately, we cannot assist you here; you must contact the event's organisers to request a refund. Neither does travel insurance cover any money you may have paid for flights, hotels and other expenses if the event (concert, theatre, football matches and so on) you were planning to attend is cancelled.

The country I was going to travel to has closed the borders/introduced a lockdown Will I be covered for cancellation?

Airlines usually cancel flights to countries that close their borders. In that case, you must seek reimbursement from the airline on your own, as cancellations are not covered by travel insurance. If you cancel the trip yourself due to a lockdown or something similar, the insurance will not cover you.

Someone at home is quarantined, and I want to cancel a domestic trip. What does the travel insurance cover?

We cover flight and hotel cancellations in Norway if you are placed in a so-called government-mandated quarantine due to COVID-19, such as by municipal/local health authorities. The cover applies to domestic trips from 1 May 2021 and indefinitely thereafter.

What happens if I or someone in the household is quarantined or isolated abroad?

If you get COVID-19 while travelling, you must either take a PCR test or be tested by a doctor or nurse where you are staying. When we process your case, we will need this confirmation that you are or have been ill. If you become ill, your insurance will cover the additional costs of accommodation, a new return journey and lost holiday time. Expenses for food are not covered.

If you are placed in an authority-imposed quarantine while travelling due to close contact, the insurance covers additional expenses for accommodation and a new return journey. Lost holiday and expenses for food are not covered.

I/someone in the household had to pay for a COVID-19 test abroad. Do you cover the costs of the test?

If you or another member of your household is required to take a COVID-19 test abroad and the result is positive, we will reimburse your expenses. COVID-19 is treated like any other unexpected illness that can occur while travelling. If the test is negative, you must pay for it yourself.

Useful advice and tips before you travel

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Travel to countries subject to travel advice

Here are answers to the most important questions for your future travels.

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