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Your pension is the money you will live on in the future. Learn more and see which steps you can take to affect your future salary.

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What is a pension?

Your pension is the money you will live on when you retire. The National Insurance Scheme contributes one part, your employer contributes one part, and the final part is your own savings.

When can you withdraw your retirement pension?
You can withdraw all or parts of the pension while you are still working, but not before the age of 62. Normal retirement age in Norway is 67 years. If you want to draw a pension earlier, it’s important to have good pension savings.

How can you influence your pension?

  • Select the proportion of equities that suits you best
  • Get an overview of your expected pension using the pension calculator
  • Start saving yourself, the earlier the better

Pension savings are long-term savings that will stay in place for many years. The most important thing is to get started. Find the savings method that is best for you

This is how a pension is structured

See how much you will get as a pension

By logging in to the pension calculator, you’ll get a full overview of your pension. The overview includes figures from the National Insurance Scheme and all the places you have worked in the private sector.

Pensjonskonto Flex

Pensjonskonto Flex gives you access to a wide selection of pension profiles and competitive mutual funds. You’ll get good advice from our pension experts and an overview of your pension in the Spare app.

Does your employer have another pension provider, but you want to move your pension account to DNB? If you choose to move, you will get a pension account that we’ve decided to call Pensjonskonto Flex.

Stian Revheim, pension expert at DNB, explains how you can become a pension millionaire

Pensions FAQs

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Start planning your pension

Plan your life as a pensioner early. This gives you greater flexibility to choose when you would like to draw a pension.

Influence the pension savings from your employer

Can you influence the pension savings from your employer?

How much your employer saves for you and what investment choices you make are important for how large a pension you will receive.

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