Book Now - Pay Later

Save money on booking tickets early. When using the service Book Now – Pay Later, airline tickets are not charged until the departure date to ensure that they are invoiced during the right period.

Book Now - Pay Later

  • Particularly suitable for the purchase of non-refundable tickets (economy), which must be booked long before departure and are invoiced when booked.
  • Invoicing of air tickets is postponed until the departure date, maximum 180 days after the purchase date.
  • The airline tickets are labelled "not invoiced" up to the departure date and shown in the online overview.
  • Airline tickets are included on the first invoice after the departure date.
  • The fee will charged on thee same card invoice as the flight.


NOK 60
per transaction/deferred flight, regardless of the length of deferral (maximum 180 days from the booking date).


  • The company saves money on booking tickets early.
  • Employees will not receive invoices for airline tickets which fall due before the journey is made and the travel expense report is written.
  • It is not necessary to process two travel expense reports for a single journey.
  • The cost is invoiced during the correct period.
  • The service costs nothing until an early booking is made and the journey is deferred.
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