DNB purchases goods and services for approximately 10 billion Norwegian kroner a year.


Main purchasing categories:

• IT procurement
• Property, human resources and office equipment
• Marketing and consultancy services

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Norwegian suppliers with packaged goods:
Go to «Grønt Punkt Norge»

Our approach:

In order to ensure a fair treatment of all potential suppliers, DNB’s procurement processes are run in a transparent manner in accordance with the Group’s ethics and procurement policies.

DNBs Code of Responsible Business Conduct for Suppliers outlines the Group`s expecations towards suppliers with regard to corporate social responsibility (CSR). In order to reduce risk and encourage good practice in the supply chain DNB engages with suppliers on CSR topics through dialogue, sustainability assessments (performed by EcoVadis) and supplier audits.

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Practical information:

• Suppliers to DNB will receive orders via the «DNB Bestillingsportal» (automated order system)
• Norwegian suppliers to DNB have to deliver electronic invoices for their goods and services
• Suppliers to DNB who deliver packaged goods, have to subscribe to membership in «Grønt Punkt 
   Norge» (Green Dot Norway)

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» DNB’s integrity hotline for suppliers