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DNB Greenhouse

Join us and help build the bank of the future!

Fredrik Svendsen

Are you trained in IT, computer technology and security? Then Greenhouse can be a good career path ahead.

Greenhouse is a graduate programme for young tech talent in IT, computer technology and security. The programme is tailored to ensure you acquire unique professional expertise through a combination of theory and practice.

As part of Greenhouse, you become familiar with the bank and have the opportunity to work with professionals across several different IT teams. Greenhouse offers three different lines: a one year programme for development, two years for security and three years for architecture. 

We focus on learning and experience exchange

Whichever area you want to specialise in, we can guarantee a steep learning curve that prepares you to master complex and demanding tasks within development, architecture and security. We focus on learning and an exchange of experiences at Greenhouse, so you’ll have the opportunity to develop your talent within a safe framework and with clear career goals.

We believe in learning through a good combination of theory and practice. In addition to working as part of a team, you will receive full theoretical support through close collaboration with UiO, self-learning, courses and internal presentations. Along the way, you’ll be followed up closely by experts, mentors, managers and other employees who are here to ensure you’re successful as you work through the programme and your career at DNB.

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3 different specialisations 

Everyone who starts at Greenhouse follows the same plan for the first year. During this time, experience will be gained in complex systems, best practices, methodology and code bases. No matter which track you choose on the way forward, you’ll be able to work with different frameworks, programming language and cloud solutions, as well as how we build sustainable applications and services that millions of people depend on. Necessary requirements for uptime, scalability, functionality and security are key throughout. 


This line has a one-year duration and will ensure a solid introduction to relevant expertise on how to create sustainable, secure and advanced systems, services and functions for the entire bank's IT portfolio. After a year, you’ll find a place at the bank that suits your ambitions and interests. 


The security line lasts for two years, and here you’ll get experience from one of Norway’s largest and most dynamic security environments. You’ll have the opportunity to learn more about protection mechanisms and architecture in complex systems and networks, how detection and cyber security incidents are handled, as well as insight into how vulnerability management, identity/access management and security training work in practice, etc. 


The architecture line lasts for three years and prepares you to be able to work as an IT architect in the future. Here you’ll learn how to design and build complex, sustainable systems and services from scratch. These are systems and services that affect the whole of Norway, from private individuals and businesses, to foreign banks and other institutions. As an architect at DNB, you’ll build a completely unique expertise where you’ve been well versed in our system portfolio and how it all coincides, and you’ll have a unique position in shaping tomorrow’s bank. 

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