DNB is a driving force for diversity and inclusion

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In order to achieve our goals of long-term value creation, high customer satisfaction and being an attractive employer, we need to reflect the society we are part of. Variations in terms of gender, age, competence, cultural background, experience, functional ability, sexual orientation, ethnicity, and religious beliefs give us multiple perspectives and make us better equipped to face challenges, increase our innovative power, and create the best customer experiences. Equality and diversity pay off, and are in keeping with our ethical foundation. A diverse workforce makes DNB a better bank. 
In DNB, our work to promote diversity and equality goes beyond our own employees and is also a matter of helping to increase gender equality among our customers through the products and services we offer, and among our suppliers by using our power of influence to promote gender equality in the companies we do business with. 

Goals and ambitions

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  • A good gender balance in management positions at all levels (40/60 either way).
  • DNB will be diverse and inclusive.
  • DNB will help promote gender equality among our customers through products, services, and dialogue. 
  • DNB's largest suppliers within IT services, consulting, and legal services must work systematically on equality and diversity within their own organisations. 


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  • The Financial Times has named DNB Europe's best company in terms of diversity within the banking and financial service sector and fourth best overall.
  • Minimum 20 weeks of gender-neutral, paid parental leave for all DNB employees, regardless of where in the world they work. 
  • Equal (50/50) distribution of women and men in the Group Management team - and 39.5 percent women at the top four management levels.

Our internal work

By equality and diversity, we mean having equal rights and opportunities to contribute to the organization. To achieve this, we need to create a safe and inclusive working environment where everyone is valued for their different qualities and recognized for their talents, and where everyone can be themselves. We promote equality and diversity in all parts of the organization and we have zero tolerance for discrimination. 

A driving force beyond our own organization

In recent years we have intensified our efforts to promote gender equality efforts by increasing the level of competence in the areas of savings and personal finances. Through increased knowledge, good advisory services and clear communication, our aim is to help customers make financially sound decisions. As a major player in Norwegian society, we have the power to influence the degree of diversity and equality in the operations of our suppliers. For procurements, where gender equality is considered a significant sustainability issue, we try to include gender equality issues in tender processes, contracts and follow-up meetings.

The fact that people are different makes DNB a better bank.

Variation in gender, age, background, experience, physical capacity, religious beliefs and preferences among managers and employees will make us more innovative and better equipped to offer services to and create value for our customers.