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Our history

For 200 years, DNB has been here to support people, through changes big and small.

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Most people lived in tough conditions 200 years ago, and few people thought of saving money. Still, these were the people who laid the foundation for a banking system that turned DNB into what we are today.

Some highlights of our history

1822: Christiania Sparebank, the first bank in the DNB system, was established in 1822 so that workers could deposit their weekly wages before they were tempted to spend them.

20th century: 600 savings banks were established in Norway. Over the last 10 years, many of them have been merged into larger banks.

1990: Two of the country’s largest banks, Bergen Bank and Den norske Creditbank, merged and formed Den norske Bank (DnB).

1996: DnB purchased Vital, and in the same year, dnb.no was launched and voted the best website by Kapital.

1999: Postbanken became part of DnB.

2002: The DNB Savings Bank Foundation was founded after a desire to use parts of the bank's profits for public benefit purposes.

2003: DnB and Gjensidige NOR merged and formed DnB NOR. Earlier that year, DnB bought Nordlandsbanken.

2011: DnB NOR, Postbanken and Vital Forsikring changed their name to DNB.

2015: Vipps was launched by DNB as a digital payment service for smartphones between non-professionals.

2016: DNB signed up to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for 2030.

2017: DNB entered into an alliance with 105 Norwegian savings banks and established Vipps as its own company, and the app Spare was launched.

2018: The Norwegian Competition Authority and the Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway approved the merger between Vipps, BankID Norge and BankAxept.

2019: DNB had several major launches this year: a new, cloud-based mobile banking app, the accounting app DNB Regnskap and DNB’s property services (Eiendomstjenester) Samsolgt.

2020: As the first banks in the world, DNB and 14 other banks publish the carbon intensity of their shipping portfolios.

2021: Merger between DNB ASA and DNB Bank ASA. The Ministry of Finance approved DNB's acquisition of Sbanken, but the acquisition was stopped by the Norwegian Competition Authority.

2021: The Norwegian Competition Appeals Board gave DNB the green light to buy Sbanken.

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DNB Nyheter articles
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