Protection of personal privacy


Protection of personal privacy is one of our ethical standards in DNB. Here is some information about how we handle personal data to ensure that your right to personal privacy is observed.

Handling of personal data

DNB Bank ASA is the Data Controller, meaning responsible for the manner in which the bank handles your personal data.  The bank’s general rules for protecting personal privacy are set out below. If you would like more information about individual topics please see our webpage on protection of personal privacy.

The bank’s rules for protection of personal privacy
Read the rules for the bank’s handling of personal data
the bank’s rules for privacy protection

Sound recording

You should feel secure when we give you advice on saving. There should not be any doubt about what advice you have been given and which contracts you have entered into with us.

When sound recording is done:
The bank is required to record telephone conversations in which customers are given advice about savings or investments. DNB records the conversations you have with advisers in Private Banking, Markets and branch offices. When you call customer service on (+47 915) 04800, the conversation will be recorded when you are set over to a savings and loan adviser since your savings needs will also be discussed in this connection.

Storage time:
The recordings can only be used when you or we need to document the advice we gave. Recordings will be stored for at least five years, which is the same length of time we are obligated to store written documentation. The recordings will be deleted when there is no longer any need to store them.

Disclosure to others:
In some cases the bank is required to give information to authorities and others who have a statutory right to request it. In addition, information may be given to the Norwegian Financial Complaints Board (“Finansklagenemnda”) pertaining to complaints the Complaints Board is considering.

The customer’s right to listen to sound recordings:
Requests to inspect documentation concerning investment services and to listen to sound recordings must be directed to the bank’s privacy protection officer. The time when the conversation took place and the telephone number must be specified in requests to listen to sound recordings.

Camera surveillance

DNB’s branch offices and ATMs are monitored by surveillance cameras. Camera surveillance is seen as a necessary measure for preventing and detecting criminal acts.

The Norwegian Data Protection Authority has granted banks in Norway general dispensation to store surveillance recordings for longer than the normal storage period for the purposes of preventing and clearing up criminal offenses related to banking activity.

Surveillance recordings will be erased after three months unless they have been handed over to the police.

Right of inspection

If you are registered as a customer of the bank, you have the right to information about how we handle your personal data. We have a special department that handles our customers’ requests for this. Please start by discussing the matter with an adviser in a branch office or the customer service centre on telephone number (+47 915) 04800. The adviser can answer some of your questions and, if relevant, help you fill out the required order form.

We will then reply as soon as possible and, at any rate, no later than 30 days after we receive your request. If special circumstances prevent us from meeting your request within 30 days, we will send you a preliminary reply giving the reason for the delay and informing you when you should expect an answer. We will not charge a fee for processing your request for access to information.

Information about the bank’s storage procedures and use of customer data:
You can request access to the information we handle that concerns you and the security measures we employ in connection with processing and using your personal data.

Access to inquiry reports:
You can order an inquiry report showing the number of electronic inquiries the bank has made relating to your accounts, loans etc. in the last three months. Out of respect for the personal privacy of our employees, the names of the persons who have made the inquiries will not be revealed.

Suspicion of unauthorised access:
You should talk to one of our advisers if you suspect that one of our employees is guilty of unauthorised access to your personal data. The adviser will help you order an investigation. You will be informed if it emerges that your suspicions are justified. In such event you will be informed that the matter is being handled by DNB and will be reported to the Norwegian Data Protection Authority.

Right to demand restricted access

You can request that only a limited number of employees are to be authorised to access and inspect your customer data. Please note that this will significantly reduce the bank’s availability for you, so you should consider this very carefully. This would mean that you could only be served by limited number of employees between the hours of 8:00 and 16:00. See the application form for more information about the terms and conditions for limiting accesses. Please call our customer service centre on (+47 915) 04800.


In the Internet banking service, you can give the bank permission to group the details of your entire customer relationship with DNB together. The advantage of consenting to this is that information and offers from the bank will be customised to suit your needs and will thus be more relevant. If you do not consent to this, the bank will only be able to see which products you use in other companies in the DNB group, and not the details of such use. Even if you give the bank your consent, it will not give detailed information about your accounts and loans to other companies in the DNB group.


If you do not want to receive offers from us, you need to opt out. To do this, call (+47 915) 04800 and inform the adviser who handles your call. The adviser will then send a message to a special department that will register your opt-out. You need to specify whether the opt-out should apply to e-mails, telephone calls and surface mail or just one or two of these.

Please note that, even if you have opted out from marketing we will follow up your agreements as required. You can specify which types of SMS alerts you want to receive. Log onto the Internet banking service and read more about alerts there.

Tips for secure use of the bank

We recommend that you follow our security tips. Click here for more information on secure use of the bank. (In Norwegian)

Cookies/information capsules

When you visit DNB’s webpages, we register different types of information about you as a user. Click here for more information about use of our website and Internet banking service (General Terms).
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